Hugh A. Rose

Hugh A. Rose

Actor / Writer / Consultant


A Presentation of Cosmology for the Modern World

Written and Performed By Hugh A. Rose

Join us as we take a look at Mankind and go through meditation techniques to improve centering yourself.

Coming soon on DVD

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The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show
is a 3D animated musical screenplay, brought to you by the Father / Mother / Daughter team;
Hugh A. Rose, Prema Rose, and Suryananda Rose.

On a perilous quest to discover the Circle of Gold, a young boy learns ancient secrets, and confronts deceptions that threaten to devastate balance in the Circus of Life.

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The Actor

More than 25 years experience as an actor and director in a wide variety of media.

The Consultant

Providing expert auditing, training and procedure writing/consulting services.

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